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Is endometriosis more common today than it was just 50 years ago?
I never heard of it until I was in my 20's even though my doctor had concerns in my teen years that I may have it and mentioned it. It was not something she seemed worried about at the time so I thought nothing of it. Now it seems like it is one of the first things doctors check for when extremely painful periods are a constant issue for a woman. My mother said no one ever talked about it as a medical thing when she was growing up and painful cramps just weren't common around her. Even in school, hardly any girls expressed pain but now it seems most teens and young women, I would say 3 out of 5, express they have painful periods. Is this more common these days?
Yes and I think this is down to environmental stress and poor dieting. As the planet gets more unhealthy, so will we. Eating a bad diet makes things even worse. I know 3 women who do have it and 2 of them were told they have a less than 3% chance of ever having a baby. That is troubling news. I worry it could be an issue with me considering I miscarried last year but my doctor told me it was mental stress related.
Some doctors believe up to 2 out of 10 women have this whereas back then, it was maybe 1 in every thousand or less. So yes, it is much more common now but still somewhat rare. Less than 10% of women have this condition and less than 3% of these women are never able to have children. I guess it depends on the severity of the issue. There have been some reports of it "going away" on its own but I think diet changes may have impacted this without them realizing it. Many believe this to be a condition brought on by poor diet and hormonal imbalance.
I only recently heard about it, I would say maybe 5 years ago. Prior to this, I didn't even know what it was nor knew anyone who had it. Apparently it is more common now. I had thought I may have had it myself because of my bad cramps but I was checked for it and in the clear.
Is this something that is being screened more by doctors? I think it should be considering if you leave it unchecked, you can become completely infertile from it which is bad for most women as most do want children.

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