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How do you know what size you need?
In terms of tampons or pads, how do you know the size or absorption you need? There seem to be a lot of different options for pads and from what I have found, four options for tampons. The tampons come in light, regular, super, and super plus. I never understood how to know for sure what one should be using. It seems sometimes regulars are too much for me and other times they are too little and the blood ends up going down the string. With pads, I tend to have "spills" but this happens with light and heavy pads.
You generally go by your flow. Most women have a heavier flow on the second and third day of their cycle compared to the first and last few days. How long is your cycle usually? Mine is around 6 days with only 3 of those days where I need to use tampons. The second and third are heaviest but I still am able to use regular size ones with frequent changes. Maybe you just need to change yours more frequently?
Yeah, you want to go according to your flow which can change from cycle to cycle but usually, you can manage a system to know what to expect. Most women have 1 to 3 heavy flow days, following by 2 to 4 lighter flowing days. Your cycle will be anywhere from 3 to 7 days so it really varies from woman to woman.
A tampon should be able to last you 3 hours before it is completely soaked and starts leaking. If you can go longer, you need to use a smaller one but if it doesn't last 3 hours, you need to use a larger size.
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